Bondi Hipsters Give Fashion Advice For 2016

The hilarious Bondi Hipsters are at it again, highlighting the important issues of today’s society. This time around they aren’t just talking about fashion, they are giving men’s fashion advice.

If you’ve ever seen one of the Bondi Hipsters’ videos you would understand that they’re a couple of quirky guys. The true definition of ‘Hipster’. After the success of the Bondi Hipsters web-isodes and the ABC TV series ‘Soulmates’, the Van Vuuren brothers have continued to create hysterical content. Their latest clip ‘Functional Menswear’ does not disappoint. Linking up with their video about active-wear, the clip talks about how “People care more about what you look like you do, than what you actually do.”

Bondi Hipsters
DIY Menswear. Photo Credit:

The clip is a preview of series 2 of their ABC series “Soul Mates” and it looks like series 2 will be just as funny, if not funnier than the first series. Just like many of their other clips, it is just the two brothers, dressed in typical Bondi Hipster fashion, sitting on a couch and talking about menswear. They strongly believe that “the new peacocking is proof”. Meaning that instead of just saying you go bush walking, you dress like it too. Similar to how women are now wearing active wear despite the fact that they haven’t actually done any physical activity at all.

Throughout the clip they go through hilarious outfits men can wear to make it look like they do something interesting. Some of these outfits include bushwalking gear, painting/DIY clothes and a burning man costume. Each of these outfits are explained in detail, with techniques that make you think there could possibly be people out there that would or do use them. For example the DIY outfit includes the addition of ‘nicks of paint’ on your clothes and skin and the bush walking outfit includes little lines of red paint which is meant to make it appear as though you have been scratched walking through the bush. They are definitely plausible enough that it is highly likely and this is probably why the clip is so funny.

Check out the clip below.

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