Cuban National Team To Be Dressed By Louboutin

Cuba is saying goodbye to their loud yellow blazers from the last Olympics and will now be stepping out in style with their new Louboutin designed outfits.

It seems that ever since diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba has opened up, Cuba is quickly becoming a hub for the fashion industry. With Chanel having just held the launch of their cruise collection in Havana and many fashion houses shooting their latest looks in the amazing locale. The collaboration was announced on July 21 at an event in Lisbon, Portugal, and was well received.

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Louboutin has joined forces with his good friend Henri Tai from French e-store to create the amazing outfits that the Cuban Olympic team will be wearing to the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

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The range of outfits for the athlete’s feature clean and crisply tailored jackets in a bold red for the men and tasteful beige for the women. The jackets are inspired by guayabera shirts commonly found in the Caribbean region. The breast pocket of the jackets will be adorned with the Cuban flag and a five-pointed star will feature on the back of the jacket as a symbol of luck. The jackets were designed to be paired with interchangeable trousers, shorts and skirts.

“At the Olympics, it feels like these athletes put on performance gear and simultaneously turn into these superheroes that defy gravity, that defy time, that defy all rules of physics,we designed the celebratory outfit for the moment they turn back into humans, still in that glory moment, still in their light but heading back to the real world.” – Christian Louboutin

Seeing as Louboutin has had a hand in the designing of these incredible outfits its no surprise that the shoes to be worn with these outfits are simply amazing. The men will be stepping out in high-top trainers and the women will be sporting strappy sandals with a kitten heel. Both pairs of shoes would make anyone green with envy. Sadly, in a statement released, it has been revealed that “The designs were created solely for use of the athletes of the Cuban National delegation to celebrate their participation at Rio 2016 and will not be sold, neither [online] or retail.”

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With over 100 athletes being decked out in this range it is safe to say it was no easy task. Especially when it comes to sizes; with such diversity in body types, including a wrestler like Mi-jain Lopez Nunez wearing a size 18.5 shoe.

People all around the world will be watching the Olympics, and we can’t wait so see what the other teams will be wearing.