Delevingne on the cover of September Issue of UK Vogue

Cara Delevingne is on the cover of UK Vogue’s September Issue, the fashion magazines most important and largest issue. In the interview Delevingne describes her love life, her sexuality, her acting career and equal pay for Hollywood actresses.

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Delevingne has been on the cover of vogue five times before including her debut on the cover of Miss Vogue in June 2013 and the April 2015 issue where she shared the cover with models, Suki Waterhouse and Georgia May Jagger. Kate Moss has the record with 37 British Vogue covers.

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The cover shot shows Delevingne wearing a bright blue anorak from Demna Gvasalia’s debut collection for Balenciaga draped around her shoulders. This piece is expected to be imitated in the months to come in shops more accessible to the everyday shopper. She is also wearing a cropped top in a silvery grey colour and tailored pants. Her hair is tousled and her makeup is natural with her signature eyebrows heavily defined. The cover shot captures Delevingne’s signature casual style.

The photographer for this photo shoot was well known fashion photographer Mario Testino. Delevingne won the title for Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and 2014. Lately she has taken a break from the fashion world. Her last catwalk appearance was for Chanel in March 2015.

Meanwhile she has broken into the world of film as an actor. She is currently promoting her latest film Suicide Squad, released in Australia on 4 August 2016 and highly anticipated. This is not her first film with a number of titles under her belt including Tulip Fever, London Fields, Kids in Love, Pan, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and Paper Towns. She talks about her love and dedication to acting in her interview with Vogue in the September issue.

“I’m still learning.  I act for love.  I give it my all… I would probably still do it even if I wasn’t paid at all” Delevingne says.

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Delevingne also believes in equal pay for women in Hollywood and stands by her beliefs.

“But in terms of equal pay I need to be paid the same as the guy who has equal billing with me. Otherwise I won’t do it. Because if you accept less, you’re just letting everyone else down and continuing the cycle” says Delevingne.

Delevingne talks openly about her sexuality in this interview.

“As a child, I used gay as a bad world, as in, ‘that’s so gay.’ All my friends did. (My girlfriend’s parents) have been so, so supportive. I’m obviously in love, so if people want to say I’m gay, that’s great. But we’re all liquid — we change, we grow” says Delevingne.

She describes herself as being in love with her partner, Annie Clark, the American singer songwriter known as St Vincent. They have been dating for about 16 months. Recently there were rumours they were engaged after a photo of Cara Delevingne wearing what looked like an engagement ring was seen on Instagram.

“I’m completely in love… Before, I didn’t know what love was – real love.  I didn’t understand the depth of it.  I always used to think it was you against the world.  Now I know the meaning of life is love.  Whether that’s for yourself or for the world or your partner,” says Delevingne.

With 31.6 million Instagram followers to her name she could bring huge audiences if she allies herself with products or businesses. She is aware of this and wants to be known as more than someone with a huge social media following.

“My greatest fear is always that I have just been hired because of my number of followers”
Delevingne says.

She encourages her fans on social media with inspiring quotes and is more than a huge presence on social media, she is proving she is talented too.

“Don’t worry be happy, embrace your weirdness, STOP LABELLING, START LIVING”

The cover of the September issue of UK Vogue is a huge coup for Delevingne especially as a comeback move to modelling after turning her hand to acting in recent times. She has the personality, image and talent to draw not only followers but audiences too. Opening up about her sexuality and being in love will only endear her further to fans with her refreshing honesty and transparency.