No More Strained Eyes

Ever found yourself squinting your eyes to better read your screen or with a headache after a long day working behind a computer in the office? It seems there is a solution.

Sydney based eyewear brand, Oscar Wylee has just released a new lens that blocks out 25% of ‘blue light’. When you purchase a pair of their vintage inspired frames, you can now pay an extra $50 to get a lens that will help protect your eyes when you are looking at a screen, whether it be your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Oscar Wylee Blue light lens. Photo Credit:

A report written by the Public Relations Institute of Australia revealed that 13 million Australians spend more than 18 hours a day online, with one in five minutes a day spent on social media. The average Australian has three or more electronic devices. With blue light being more harmful than UV rays for your eyes, a pair of glasses to help reduce this is definitely something we all need.

“Blue light penetrates to the back of the eye, triggering nerves that causes discomfort and eye strain – leading to permanent damage to the eye.” – according to the Oscar Wylee site.

It has actually been proven that blue light can cause eye strain, headaches, physical and mental fatigue and slow down the body’s production of melatonin which helps us to sleep.

There have been clinical studies carried out by the Keio University in Japan which looked into the effectiveness of these blue light lenses. The studies have shown a decrease of Critical Flicker Frequency (CFF), which is an index that is used to measure eye-strain, for individuals wearing the special lenses. Ultimately, this means that users a finding their eyes are less strained when looking at screens that produce blue light.

The vintage inspired frames begin at $99 and the blue light lenses are an additional $50, which isn’t too bad considering they will probably save your eyes for the future. And you just can’t go past those gorgeous frames.

Oscar Wylee Glasses. Photo Credit: