Running Touch Dazzles With Edgy Video For Levitate (It’s All Too Perfect)

Arcane Melbourne producer Running Touch has already proven his talents on the musical front and now looks to extend his skills further; writing, directing, and starring in his latest video clip for single ‘Levitate (It’s All Too Perfect)’.

Running Touch
On set. Image courtesy of Casablanca Records.

He’s certainly made an impressive start to his career. Previous single ‘Courtesy Of’ has been streamed close to 1 million times and also gained a high rotation slot on Triple J radio. In recent times, Running Touch has supported global sensation ZHU, played Splendour in the Grass, and been announced as support for SAFIA’s national tour. Not to mention he’s sold out his own run of headline shows on The PM Absolute tour, beginning in September.

So it makes sense that there would be a significant amount of excitement about this latest offering, in which the man himself takes full control of the creative reins to craft a black and white clip that includes interpretative dancing, abstract imagery, and some steamy, evocative acting.

Running Touch explains that it could only be him who produced the video.

“Levitate was a project birthed from some hyper-reality, graphic, obsessive and personal material I wrote. It’s meant to be personal and I didn’t want to change that when translating the vision to video. I wanted to make it personal by planning, directing and assist in editing it myself, using people I knew and making the experience just as personal for me as the song itself”

Running Touch
At Work. Source:

With sound and production levels off the charts, Running Touch has managed to transfer the moody darkness perfectly onto film. There’s a sense of something primal in ‘Levitate’ that leaves you unable to look away. Although the clip contains no overt nudity or violence the viewer can’t help but feel slightly voyeuristic watching the artistic and raw manner in which information is presented to us.

The most interesting films to watch usually are visceral experiences, filled with frames and images that make you feel; be it fear, disgust, anger, arousal etc. Running Touch definitely ventures into this realm here, bringing us right into a secret world. See the video below.

As for exactly what it all means? You tell us. In the meantime soak up the electronic goodness coming from a very talented mind. If you like what you hear, and see, be sure to try to catch Running Touch on the live circuit. For more information about the artist and tours visit his Facebook or Twitter.