Cool TV Vol. 80 Golden Age Web-Doco: Mad Men

Fashion Industry Broadcast is proud to unveil our new bespoke film making division. We make rich media content for mobile devices, we create short and also feature length films and documentaries, we create and publish from our vast catalogue of art books, eBooks, apps for mobile devices. All of our book titles are soon to be available as feature length film documentaries, as well as innovative 5 minute “Web-Doco’s”. Our “Web-Doco” library alone features over 2,000 FIB titles. You can find them on iTunes, You Tube, Vimeo, and soon Netflix and Foxtel.

Our 5 minute “Web-Doco’s” are the perfect way to learn about and explore our content before you buy the books.

With increasing fervour Fashion Industry Broadcast is nearing the launch of our Cool TV book series. Vol. 80 Golden Age will the celebrate the shows that transformed the modern face of television to become more than entertainment but an embedded fabric of society. In this series we examine and analyse these shows to find out what made them so special for contemporary audiences. In order to whet the appetite for the full-length volume we have created cutting edge “Web-Doco’s” on each show.

Mad MenJoin us as we count down to Cool TV Vol. 80 Golden Age.

This week we look at Mad Men, the hit show about advertising that wasn’t really about advertising. Rather it was a thought provoking and intense look at society and the people that define it. Here, Jon Hamm was immortalised in Mad Men as the lead character Don Draper. He was a troubled and vulnerable soul but also one of the sharpest minds in the business.

Be sure to check out the Mad Men web-doco below about this compelling series and to get a preview of what you’ll see when the book is available for purchase on Amazon and in eBook form as well on apps.


Written by: Courtney Bombell

Video by: Henry Young