Sausage Party Review, Overrated Road Kill

Many have been ecstatic with Seth Rogen’s latest blockbuster Sausage Party, but it seems that the reviews of this animated movie have been grossly exaggerated with audiences divided on the front  for reviews on this piece of overrated roadkill. 

Sausage Party
Seth Rogen as Frank in Sausage Party. Source:

Sausage Party is about a series of foods that live in a supermarket called ShopWells, where every morning as the store opens, they all sing  about the “Great Beyond” . They soon come to the harsh realisation that the gods they have been told to worship after going home and being prepared for dinner are in fact consuming them. It’s from this that sausage Frank (Rogen) decides to tell the others about their fate, before launching into an all out gladiator match with their human enemies . Through this we see carnage from vegetables and brutality that adds a depth of creativity, and also a sense of non-stop laughter that will have you in stitches. But with this outrageous and ludicrous comedy have come mixed reviews, critics enjoying it more than the general public.

Behind the never-ending layer of foul language, sex, drugs, and a great soundtrack, come a series of deeper themes. These themes include: existence, purpose, religion, cultural conflict, and objectification of women. Although all themes are explored and successfully sold to the audience, it is extremely raunchy and at times  overtly offensive.

With an all-star cast including: Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Craig Robinson, Salma Hayek, and much more. This movie offers a sense of comedic relief through absolute vulgarity and comedic encores from each of the cast member’s characters, but with this do come the strange and uncomfortable chunks of the movie such as the excessive drop of the “C” bomb, as well as all out foul language and sexual innuendos. Not to mention the usual Seth Rogen extra of drug use by various characters.

An overrated mash-up and saga of non-stop laughs from beginning to mid-ending with the last twenty minutes making the audience drop their lower jaw, much like the ending of Clockwork Orange with a dynamic that any individual wouldn’t think possible for an animator to accomplish.

It is a movie that any cinephile would only dare to watch once before going home and trying to sleep after the two and a half hour emotional scarring, and on top of this, never looking at food the same again or being able to consume hot dogs. I have always been a big fan of Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks films, as well as of Seth Rogen’s, but this movie was a strange addition to the large number of Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill comedies I have grown to love over the years.

It may be laughs both funny and awkward. But spoiler alert: vegetables engaging in coidus at the end will emotionally scar you and cause you to never look at food the same again. You can check out the trailer below.