Not-So-Activewear: We’ve Been Lying To Ourselves

A recent study has revealed that while we are willing to spend a whole lot on gym clothes and activewear, we don’t actually go to the gym in them. The study, conducted by ING Direct, shows Australians one thing; the relationship between us and our beloved yet overpriced activewear is not as purposeful as we had thought.

According to research, Australians spend around $1,406 each annually feeding our activewear closets (we feel you, Khloé), but only 19 per cent of us actually go to the gym in said activewear. From coffee dates to catching the latest chick flick — decking yourself out in Lorna Jane has never been more acceptable than right now.

Model Valentina Kadi wearing Rumi X activewear made of coffee grinds and recycled plastic in Degraves street. Picture: David Caird

Collectively, Australians pour around $14.1 billion into the wellness industry, including clothes, health foods and supplements, fitness and memberships, although most put the attention towards looking like we go to the gym and then just watching Orange Is The New Black in our yoga pants.

“While it’s positive to see Australians are being proactive when it comes to focusing on their health and wellness, it’s important to factor these costs into your weekly or monthly budget, just like you would with household bills like rent, groceries or electricity bills,” said ING Executive Director, John Arnott.

Don’t worry, we have all been guilty of this. You are not alone. Women who spend all day in their sport leggings and exercise top are being mercilessly parodied for pretending to be more active than they really are. We could throw words such as “athleisure” and “sports luxe” around, but in Sydney these styles feed back into our culture in a big way.

There Is No Finish Line, Activewear parody video by Skit Box

After adopting this ‘healthy lifestyle’ as the defining characteristic of your identity, Australia is starting to see through your lies. #cleaneating, Nike Frees and telling the world about our smoothie intakes might initially be passed off as a trend, but interestingly it seems to reflect the most basic principles of an aspirational generation.

The secret is out now, so that leaves us with three options. We can either force ourselves to start going to the gym, or stop wearing our activewear clothing altogether. Alternatively, we can embrace this not-so-activewear lifestyle and continue to wear our yoga pants as we walk past the yoga studio to the coffee shop (comfortably). I know which one I’m choosing!