Burning Man Style of 2016

Burning Man is the desert alien fashion festival of our dreams. Every year a stand alone city is built in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, which hosts this anarchic festival. Thousands of desert dwellers come together to celebrate the art and installations on show and then watch them burn to the ground, while dressed in their best futuristic Mad Max get ups.


Burning Man’s mission statement reads; “The mission of the Burning Man organization is to facilitate and extend the culture that has issued from the Burning Man event into the larger world.” While their vision is to;

“bring experiences to people in grand, awe-inspiring and joyful ways that lift the human spirit, address social problems and inspire a sense of culture, community and personal engagement.”

What this means to the freely minded fashion crowd is that there is a fashion free-for-all happening in the desert, and they did their best to show us what they’ve got.

Source: @dzandman


@dzandman shows us not only how to pose gracefully under a large metal bird, but also how to use flowing fabrics the right way, sticking with white is also the perfect choice especially when in the desert heat.


Source: @burningmanphotos




Source: @aubrymarie

“I think I finally found a place where almost everyone is willing to be a child with me” is @aubrymarie‘s caption for this free-spirited photo which perfectly sums up the attitude of Burning Man.

There were some seriously inspired instagrams from Burning Man being posted, so here are some of the better ones just so you don’t feel like you’ve missed out.

Cara Delevingne rocking her self dubbed “Mad Max” braids. Source: @laurapolko

The key to dressing appropriately for Burning Man seems to be to picture what a space cowboy would wear and then add more textures to your chosen outfit. The layering of textures is a necessity, featuring mainly leathers, denim, and chromes and be sure to finish off the look with some steam punk goggles (as it is the desert and there’s sandstorms).  Oh and don’t forget the ‘Mad Max braids’ as they were dubbed by fashion royalty Cara Delevingne.

So whether you are a space cowboy, futuristic Mad Max character or simply a desert wanderer, Burning Man is the place for you, not only is your fashion style vindicated but your free spirit and open mindedness is too. To find out more about Burning Man click here, and be sure to tell us your favourite Burning Man trend in the comments below, mine is the steam punk goggles, would you wear them?