A Look Into The Psyche Of David Lynch

The first trailer for ‘The Art Life‘, a new documentary about David Lynch came out recently showcasing his early life growing up in small towns and how this has influenced him to become the auteur director he is today. Will this documentary enlighten the audience with an understanding of the psyche of David Lynch?

David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. Photo Credit: And So it Begins…

David Lynch has been working in the film industry since his feature debut Eraserhead in 1977, which was just the start of his successful career in film making. He has been able to make himself known as one of the greatest directors of his generation. This has been achieved through a distinct directing style he has made his own. His films are not some generic piece of Hollywood. Highlights include: The Elephant Man in 1980, Blue Velvet in 1986, Mulholland Dr. in 2001 and his iconic TV series Twin Peaks which is receiving a reboot in 2017. Through this journey he has received four Oscar nominations, four Golden Globe nominations and five Emmy nominations and that’s only naming a few.

David Lynch is a unique person when it comes to film making because he does not just keep the story nice and sweet … but instead serious and intense, as a deep and meaningful film should be. David Lynch said this in a interview with The Talks about how he sees and writes films:

“If you saw a film and the beginning of the film was peaceful, the middle was peaceful, and the end was peaceful – what kind of story is this? You need contrast and conflict in order to tell a story. Stories need to have dark and light, turmoil, all those things.”

Personally these are the films that speak the most to me, if it emotionally moves me as a viewer I believe the film has succeeded in its task. Everything is not always peaceful like he stated, in a good story we always need conflict. True passionate filmgoers will always go for the film that they will take something from; instead of a film that is a cliche.

The trailer for ‘The Art Life‘ looks like an intense journey through the psyche of David Lynch, with the short forms of animation and film with his paintings. The feel of the experience that will come is similar to that of Jonathan Caouette’s Tarnation and Brett Morgen’s Cobain: Montage of Heck. These films were able to communicate to the audience how the subjects mind worked through their actions and art.

People are influenced in many aspects throughout their experiences as a child, this is evident with David Lynch. Throughout this trailer even though it is only a small glimpse of the documentary the viewer is able to comprehend who David Lynch was and who he has become through his stories.

David Lynch such a great auteur Director, which one of his films are your favourite? Are you excited to see this new Documentary?