Talisco Brings Summer Vibes With ‘A Kiss From LA’

For the release of his sophomore album Capitol Vision, French electronic artist Talisco brings the summer vibes in his latest track, ‘A Kiss From LA’ accompanied with a stylish music video.

The suave and talented Talisco. Source: Mezzic

With summer just around the corner, Talisco’s (AKA Jermone Amandi) track ‘A Kiss From LA’ is bound to be a favourite for those long drives in the summer afternoon. Coming to attention through his breakout single ‘Your Wish’ from debut album Run, his latest shows the artist expanding to new frontiers, clearly embracing the bright Californian summer culture.

The pulsating guitar strings give the track a flavour of the Wild West with its twang and whistle. Accompanied with low electronic pulses that blend with Talisco’s vocals, it’s certainly a track that will attract more listeners to the promising French indie artist.

With his debut album becoming such a hit around the world leading to an expansive two-year world tour, Capitol Vision seems to be a culmination of his experiences upon this tour and his attraction to the City of Angels.

For Capitol Vision, as a musician and a producer, I decided to be who I am, to satisfy only myself, to have fun and explore all the directions I was interested in, letting go of the fear of disappointment, of the fear of the unknown²

The new record will be mixed by three-time Grammy winning producer Jaycen Joshua, having worked with the likes of Little Dragon, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z and Snoop Dogg.

Accompanied with the track, Talisco has also released a stylish music video that shows off both the beautiful, soaring landscape of Los Angeles to its darker, political side with fuzzy clips of chaos and police footage.  There’s even a bit of Bowie and Rolling Stones with the image of bright red lips.

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