Noah Earp’s ‘The Raw and the Cooked’: A Cynical Love Story

Melbourne songwriter Noah Earp is making waves with powerful new single, ‘The Raw and the Cooked’, taken from his upcoming debut album, Disinheritor.

Noah Earp: Melbourne songwriter. Source: On The Map
Melbourne’s Noah Earp. Source: On The Map

Melbourne songwriter Noah Earp has announced the release of his debut album Disinheritor, along with a music video for new song, ‘The Raw and the Cooked’. The new clip, directed by Earp himself, shows off his unique humour and charm, while the track whisks you away with its whimsical melody and sweeping vocals. Featuring a pair of quirky characters, played by band member Danny Cox and Brisbane musician Laneous, the clip evokes the naivety and tenderness of Earp’s tune, revealing a vulnerability beneath the surface.

The track, and the album itself, is imbued with poetics and symbolism to accompany the soaring, melancholic vocals, crafting a tender and powerful ballad about love and naivety. Earp describes the track as a love song that “…fragments into a million piece, because life is scary and chaotic.”

Recorded with Jonathan Dreyfus and Jez Giddings, Disinheritor is a reflection of Earp’s own experiences of the world, infused with his unique mix of acoustic and electronic music. When talking about the record, Earp reflects:

“All of [the] loose threads in the album – the love songs, the songs that play on religion, the songs that play on politics – they’re all set in the knowledge that this is just a flash in the pan.”

Ironically, Disinheritor has been described by Earp as ‘more of a swansong’ than a debut album, with the soundscape dominated by a sense of finality among the all-encompassing chaos. The album evokes a unique sense of cynicism, but it’s balanced with a resounding hopefulness. Disinheritor is an album that makes a powerful and unique statement about life, love and everything one might find in between.

Excited to perform the new tracks live, Earp said:

“I really enjoy performing these songs live, partly because I don’t do it that often, and partly because we always leave a bit of room to improvise… We really try and rein in on the moment using the words as a focal point. It’s a big sound.”

Noah Earp will launch Disinheritor on October 27th at renowned Melbourne venue The Toff in Town and will be available on October 28th on iTunes. To join Noah Earp’s musical odyssey, follow him on Facebook!