FIB 5 Minute Web-Doco JOHNNY DEPP STYLE ICONS Vol 6 “Young Guns”

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VOL 6_RGBFashion Industry Broadcast is proud to present, Style Icons Volume 6 – Young Guns. In this edition we revisit the mystery of the male sex symbol in a lavish fashion. Are they hard men, intelligent or simply a solidly built form of alpha DNA? Is it the sullen smirk or the clear blue eyes that make women lust for them and men to aspire to be like them. Join us as we question what makes a young gun style icon.

Today we look at the eccentric character that is Johnny Depp.

An undercover heartthrob police officer. An unfinished creation . An intoxicated pirate. A Mad Hatter. From teen idol to public menace, the story of Johnny Depp is filled with many interesting tales of partnerships, great successes and bizarre career choices.

Check out his full story in the Web-Doco above!

Written by Reuben Stojanovic-Rowe 

Film by Erin Leigh