Sharp Shooter: Jamie Nelson, Queen of Beauty & Fashion Photography

If you’ve thumbed through a Vogue, Elle or Harper’s Bazaar recently (here, or in eight different countries, respectively), then you’ve had the pleasure of setting your sight’s on images captured by the tremendously talented photographer Jamie Nelson. Far less often is there a talented woman behind the camera lens when shooting editorials or campaigns, Nelson’s photos ooze just as much glamour and magic as those shot by other famed names in the industry.

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Pursuing her passion by moving to New York at only 17 a mere two weeks after graduation, Nelson’s work and talent was recognized early on — one of her schoolwork assignments was even published in print.

“There was no stopping me after I saw that first editorial come out.  The feeling of having the world see your vision and be inspired by your vision is like nothing else.  It was my outlet for expression to a vast group of people.” Nelson shared in her bio.

So what makes Nelson’s photography so spectacular? Her ability to articulate and convey in a wide variety of verticals, for starters. Evidentially striving for iconically individual images, Nelson told  Bloginity her favourite fashion quote is: “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different,” which was said by the forever favoured Coco Chanel.

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Capturing languorous models lounging in fashion editorials, celebrities in all of their bright, shiny star power and playful, illuminating beauty spreads, Nelson displays sheer skill and defines diverse talent.

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As for working with other artists on the team?

“Models are casted carefully and I gladly take in the crew’s opinions as well. For beauty especially, it is important to have the makeup artist be inspired by the model’s features as well. I love watching the clothes, hair, and makeup transform the model into my vision of beauty and strength. If I could put a deer in a McQueen dress, I suppose I’d start shooting nature more,” the photographer shared with Bloginity.

For now, we’re more than happy to settle with what Nelson shoots.