FIB 5 minute Web-Doco CLINT EASTWOOD STYLE ICONS Vol. 2 “Hunks”

Fashion Industry Broadcast is excited to unveil our new bespoke film making division. We make rich media content for mobile devices, we create short and also feature length films and documentaries, we create and publish from our vast catalogue of art books, eBooks, apps for mobile devices. All of our book titles are soon to be available as feature length film documentaries, as well as innovative 5 minute “Web-Doco’s”. Our “Web-Doco” library alone features over 2,000 FIB titles. You can find them on iTunes, You Tube, Vimeo, and soon Netflix and Foxtel.

2-hunks-2-copy-4Our 5 minute “Web-Doco’s” are the perfect way to learn about and explore our content before you buy the books.

Fashion Industry Broadcast is proud to present Style Icons Volume 2 –Hunks: Clint Eastwood. His husky voice and chiselled features embody the image of the brawny, strapping man in Hollywood. He has the ability to draw audiences with his commanding presence, whether as a nameless hero of the Wild West, or as a dedicated enforcer of the law, bringing punks to their knees. An accomplished actor, director, producer, musician and political activist, Eastwood’s career spans more than 60 impressive years, earning him his legendary status within the records of cinema. 

Born in San Francisco in 1930 to a steelworker and a factory worker, Eastwood was raised in a middle-class Protestant home. Intending to enrol at Seattle University with a major in Music theory, he instead drafted into the US army during the Korean War and was posted in Fort Ord, California. Universal Studios was shooting there on location at the time, and an enterprising assistant serendipitously spotted Eastwood and arranged a meeting with the series director. Initially impressed with his appearance but questioning his acting ability due in part to his stiff manner, Eastwood hissed his lines through his teeth and was often squinting; these features incidentally became trademarks of his career.

Check out his full story in the Web-Doco above!

Film by Mitchell Donnan