FIB 5 minute Web-Doco GEORGE CLOONEY STYLE ICONS Vol 2 “Hunks”

 Fashion Industry Broadcast is excited to unveil our new bespoke film making division. We make rich media content for mobile devices, we create short and also feature length films and documentaries, we create and publish from our vast catalogue of art books, eBooks, apps for mobile devices. All of our book titles are soon to be available as feature length film documentaries, as well as innovative 5 minute “Web-Doco’s”. Our “Web-Doco” library alone features over 2,000 FIB titles. You can find them on iTunes, You Tube, Vimeo, and soon Netflix and Foxtel.

Our 5 minute “Web-Doco’s” are the perfect way to learn about and explore our content before you buy the books.

Fashion Industry Broadcast is proud to present STYLE ICONS Vol 2, “Hunks”. George Clooney, the ever so smug silver fox from the Nespresso commercials,  is a modern day reincarnation of the debonair Cary Grant. He is an American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. For his work as an actor, he has received two Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award. 

You can’t look at this dynamic lineup and not ask yourself, ‘what is it that makes this man so compelling?’. Perhaps its his interminable talent. Also, good men are hard to find, or at least that’s what Hollywood has learnt. And yet, each generation of hunk-sapiens mutates subtly. The stars that we loved in the 80s and 90s are middle aged men now, and to some degree, they fought for better roles with more depth of character. They broke the mold of grunty action hero or merely handsome romantic lead. This is true of Harrison Ford, Robert Redford, and Sidney Poitier, but of little concern to the likes of Clint, Sly, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mel Gibson — four icons of unreconstructed muscled manhood. They maintain their fame equally from their offscreen alpha rage as their onscreen battles.

Check out George Clooney’s story in the Web-Doco above!

Film by Matt Coates