FIB 5 Minute Web-Doco Grace Kelly STYLE ICONS Vol 4 “Sirens”

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vol-4_sirens_cover_pod-copy-2Our 5 minute “Web-Doco’s” are the perfect way to learn about and explore our content before you buy the books.

Fashion Industry Broadcast is proud to present STYLE ICONS Vol 4, “Sirens”. To say that these women had real social power would be an injustice and immense understatement. True beauties of the screen, these icons were Hollywood royalty and lured audiences everywhere with their many attractive qualities. 

A Hollywood icon and a real life Princess —  the lavish lifestyle of Grace Kelly is incomparable. A rare beauty teeming with elegance, sincerity and an enchanting personality, her life was the stuff dreams are made of. The illuminating Kelly all but reigned screens with her acting career, working alongside some of the greatest filmmakers and actors of the twentieth century. Off screen, she became real-life royalty after marrying the Prince of Monaco. This double life not only make her one of the most desired women in Hollywood, but immortalize her as an influential female symbol.

Celebrities like Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor paved the way for a new generation of confident, hard-working and aspiring women who seemed to exercise more choice. They came from cultivated backgrounds and targeted their ambitions on the ‘costumed’ work of big screen acting, and the social mobility of ambitious marriages.

In this edition, we look at the Queens of Hollywood that were, and still remain, symbols and icons of the twentieth century.

Film by Matt Coates