Black Mirror’s ‘San Junipero’ now has an 80’s hit playlist

Dystopic sci-fi and yet strangely close to reality, Black Mirror addresses the current obsession and rapid advancement of technology and social media through a collection of stories that make up the series. It’s gone from word-of-mouth popularity to overnight fame after recently being picked up by Netflix. Coming into its third season Charlie Brooker, the brains behind the show thats fast becoming an underground cult favourite, has gifted every nostalgic 80’s fan and sci-fi enthusiast a playlist to coincide with a more prominent one of his episodes.


In the name of copyright law episode ‘San Junipero’ was left devoid of Brookers musical inspiration for the show, but thankfully a loophole in the fact that every man has a right to a spotify playlist means that we can finally get a glimpse of 42 tracks that back it up.

Brooker admits to having been previously ashamed of his music taste but can now freely scatter Belinda Carlisle, Madonna, Run-D.M.C. and Beastie Boys like confetti over his culturally relevant show unashamedly.

Despite admitting that he didn’t want the show to ‘bleak’ perhaps Brooker’s new found appreciation of his 80’s roots shows nostalgia of a more positive time. Let’s see where his social commentary takes us next in Black Mirror. In the meantime check out this little gem of a playlist here: