The First Trailer For Trainspotting 2 Is Here!

They are all back. Twenty years after we first met Mark Renton, Daniel “Spud” Murphy, Sick Boy Francis, Gail and Diane. And oh dear, it looks like “Franco” Begbie will be coming back to. Here is what we know so far about Trainspotting 2. 

Trainspotting 2

Renton didn’t leave things on the best note at the end of the first movie, and Begbie doesn’t seem too happy if the newly released trailer is anything to go by. He still manages to scare the hair off a few of us.

Trainspotting 2 will be based loosely on author Irvine Welsh’s book ‘Porno’, his sequel to the Trainspotting novel. They’ve taken their time and we’ve waited patiently for the return, getting our happy hats on every time there’s a whisper of a reunion of the gang.

For all those worried if the new movie will live up to the gritty awesomeness of its predecessor, have no fear. It would appear the man in charge has taken steps to ensure just that. Author Welsh did his best to calm our nerves when he said,

“We were all nervous before we decided to do it… [but] once we saw the script, everybody was confident that we were certainly not going to trash the legacy of the first film and that we were going to build on it.”

John Hodge, who penned the original film, and director Danny Boyle both return for the sequel. If rumour is to be believed that’s not the end of it. All the old crew from the first movie have been called back to work on T2.  It looks like they have all the ingredients to recreate the magic of the original cult classic.

Part of the reason why Trainspotting was loved so dearly, was because of those iconic scenes. Who can forget Ewan McGregor vanishing into a toilet? And am I the only one who saw Spud fall off a roof on a chair?

Trainspotting 2 promises to be a trippy jaunt down memory lane as we catch up with our favourite, and not so favourite people and see if their lives have turned out any better or dare we say it, worse than we expected.

While the trailer has Renton trying to convince us of a positive outlook on life, you can’t miss his mention of history repeating itself. There’s a lot of ‘things going to hell’ to look forward to. It certainly has ticked all the boxes in raising anticipation. Now all we’ve got to do is count the days until March.