FIB 5 Minute Web-Doco ‘The Beguiling Mystery of “Glam Rock”‘

With inspiration from Simon Reynold’s most recent publication ‘Shock and Awe: Glam Rock and it’s Legacy, from the seventies to the Twenty-First Century’, Fashion Industry Broadcast has unveiled our own personal legacy to the legends of glam rock by honouring the influence they had on future artists and contemporaries.

The liberation of hip-swinging, glitter-donning, in-vogue rockstars of the 70’s has paved the way for the undercurrent of style in pop music. Check out the influencers and exemplars of today’s ‘cool’ in our 5 Minute Web-Doco: ‘The Beguiling Mysteries of Glam Rock’ below, and we guarantee you will feel both nostalgic and inspired.

Stay tuned for Fashion Industry Broadcast’s new book: MASTERS OF FASHION, “Fashion in Music”, coming soon.