Elie Saab Launches his Second Bridal Collection and it is Amazing!

A darling of the red carpet and a master of glamour — it’s no secret that Elie Saab has the magic touch when it comes to creating exquisite gowns. After the success of his first bridal collection, the Lebanese designer has just launched his second rendition in the ‘veil and garland’ world.

image courtesy of marieclaire.com.au
image courtesy of marieclaire.com.au

In this collection, the designer showed romantic dresses with cinched waists, floral applications, lots and lots of tulle, and plenty of quintessentially bridal lace; it’s a dream come true for the most quixotic brides.

Altohugh only on his second bridal collection, the designer’s love for wedding dresses is not new. In the 80s, he began his career creating pieces for Arab wedding celebrations that can last up to a week, and require several outfits. “You can imagine with bridal gowns there has to be trust. Sometimes in one lebanese arab family you do 18 outfits,” the designer told the Telegraph.

A Favorite Among Celebrities
With his haute couture inclinations and inflections, perfectionism in details, and enlisting models that value the woman’s body, Elie became the favorite choice for many celebrities when deciding on a designer to wear on the red carpet. Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Park, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and many, many others choose his stunning, feminine creations for important events like Oscar and Golden Globe Awards.

image courtesy of marieclaire.com.au
image courtesy of marieclaire.com.au

“Celebrities are important not because they are famous. It’s because they are normal women. When women see Kate Winslet in a dress they can imagine how it might look on them. She’s not an 18-year-old model who is two meters tall,” explains the designer.

Although of his dresses seem like a work of art, the designer affirms that for him, they’re easier to create than a casual dress. “A wedding dress is easier to do than a simple dress. To come up with a simple dress that women will love like a wedding dress, that is a challenge.”

Bridal, red carpet or everyday dresses — it doesn’t matter. What Elie Saab knows is how to design a dress that we can collectively dream of one day having in our own closets.

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-1-16-11-pm“You can read the full Elie Saab story in Fashion Industry Broadcast’s MASTERS OF FASHION Vol 38 “Paris” and buy the book from amazon here