FIB 5 Minute Web-Doco Jim Morrison MASTERS OF MUSIC Vol. 22 “Legends”

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Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison. Source.

Jim Morrison was “the lizard king” and lead singer of the Doors, a rock poet who systematically deranged his senses and produced so much essential stuff until his mysterious death at age 27. The allegedly chubby son of an Admiral, Jim was the most revolutionary rockstar of all, sticking his finger up to society in places and times when to do so could be extremely bad for ones health. Morrison’s life was an ongoing act of nihilistic often drunken rants that functioned to test a numb society’s mettle.

He was the pied piper leading the sixties kids astray and the establishment had him firmly in its sights. But before all that, he was a beautiful American pop singer singing songs about love. Death was one of Morrison’s themes that loomed large in all his work. Not only a poet, but also a handsome youthful singing Adonis rock ‘n’ roll idol, Morrison was so photogenic that the camera just ate him up. Aided and abetted by the other 3 members of his band the Doors; Ray Manzarek Piano, Robby Krieger guitar, John Densmore drums, who played it straight while Jim went into a political rant or when he ghost danced around the stage possessed by the spirit of a Native American who guided him occasionally.

Morrison’s performances were psycho-sexual orgies of writhing, jumping, squirming, and throwing himself around and down. He had more physicality than a hundred Mick Jagger’s and more smouldering darkness than Elvis could have dreamed of. Yet he was a poet; a real live modern Rimbaud drinking drugging and womanising through the modern world.

He sang a few big hit singles too. Classic legendary 24 carat gold rock songs like ‘Light My Fire’ and the haunting mesmerising ‘Riders on the Storm’, ‘Hello I Love You’. On their debut album the Doors had a song called ‘The End’, and it was a swirling acid nightmare of hitherto unseen (in rock) proportions including the infamous oedipal sequence.

He was authentic. He was charismatic. And he had perceived the great lies of the West and he was telling people just exactly what he felt about all the bullshit. Jim Morrison was a legend. And we will not see his like again anytime soon.