Prada Debuts it’s New Short Film, Past Forward

Prada’s references to surrealism and Hitchcock are unmissable in its new spring film directed by award winning film maker David O. Russell, known for films such as American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook.

Photo credit: W Magazine


Prada has often teamed up with critically acclaimed directors in the past including Wes Anderson and Ridley Scott, to create promotional films, so it comes as no surprise that they would turn to Russell for this latest one.

The film was partially screened during Prada’s spring 2017 multi platform show in September and later screened at a private event in Los Angeles but it was debuted worldwide for the public, last Thursday.

Photo credit: Prada


The 12 minute silent black and white film, takes inspiration from many of the great film makers, particularly the works of Hitchcock and surrealist film makers like Dali and Buñuel. It takes us on a wild ride as we follow not one but three heroines as they each re-enactment the same situation. The film stars Freida Pinto, Kuoth Wiel and Allison Williams, looking like the token Hitchcock blonde, as these heroines. The film also boasts an impressive ensemble cast including, John Krasinski, Connie Britton, and Sacha Baron Cohen who makes an appearance as a mysterious mouthless doctor.

Every character is suspicious, are they friend or foe, lover or enemy? It is hard to tell as we chase our heroines through crowds, the airport and witness, kisses in the rain and a rather adorable dancing scene.

Through all this we are still left wondering, what is real and what is a dream?


Photo credit: Prada


David O. Russell told Vogue, “I kept proposing stream of consciousness memories and ideas, and she (Miuccia Prada) just said, “Do what you want to do.” So it coalesced into this memory that’s also sort of a future.”

The hyper surreal film is a work of art itself as it crosses over into life, memories and dreams and sweeps us into a world of mystery and beauty.

“It was an opportunity to do a creative work of pure cinema. How often do you get an opportunity to do something like that?” says Russell.


You can watch the film in its entirety below.