Watch Beyoncé’s Touching New Video For “All Night”

Beyoncé just unveiled the video for her new track “All Night,” the Third song published from her visual album “Lemonade” that was dropped in April this year.


The six-minute standalone video was co-produced by American DJ-legend Diplo and got released yesterday via Youtube. Featuring very personal videos, the clip shows emotional snippets from her and Jay Z’s wedding, her grandmother’s 90th birthday, as well as short clips of Blue Ivy, recorded at Beyoncé’s residence. Alongside the R&B queen’s soulful voice and powerful lyrics, the scenery shown throughout the entire music video conveys a deeply touching message, exploring the depths of real love and loyalty. The clip’s introduction features a forceful poem by writer Warsan Shire, talking about the healing effects of true love:

“My grandma said, ‘Nothing real can be threatened,’” Beyoncé cites. “True love brought salvation back into me. With every tear came redemption and my torturers became my remedy. So we’re gonna heal. We’re gonna start again. You’ve brought the orchestra, synchronised swimmers.”

When Lemonade was released and the first tracks “Sorry” and “Hold Up” got published, which mainly captured themes such as jealousy and betrayal within a relationship, the whole world stood still for a little while. Although Beyoncé never confirmed if Jay-Z really had an affair going on with Hollywood designer Rachel Roy, the media was confident that she wanted to express the heartbreak she experienced. With her lyrics for “Sorry,” she expressed it in an empowering, strong way:

“Looking at my watch, he shoulda been home / Today I regret the night I put that ring on / He always got them f*cking excuses.”

After all these hints given about the couple’s conflicts, we can now find a much more hopeful, very touching and positive side to it. We can’t wait to see the next videos from Lemonade!

Watch the full video below…

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