FIB 5 Minute Web-Doco THE ROLLING STONES, Masters of Music Vol. 17 “Rock”


The Rolling Stones have been around so long that the mind boggles when you reflect upon what they’ve seen come and go…

Not for them are the radical reinventions of your Bowies and Madonnas, but the world’s greatest rock’n’roll band has proved admirably resilient, surviving deaths, line-up changes and countless squabbles over songs, women and knighthoods.

At their core are the songwriting team of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, two blues enthusiasts who went down to the crossroads via Dartford. Their songwriting partnership might have started later than The Beatles’ John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s, but it was marked by a truer symbiosis, and evinced a better understanding of the American blues music that galvanised them.

Watch Fashion Industry Broadcast’s 5 minute web-doco about the Rolling Stones above!

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