2016’s Most Followed Models on Instagram

The end of 2016 is when we celebrate who got the most likes (Selena Gomez won by a tidal wave) and which model dominated in follower numbers.

Photo Credit: various Instagram accounts; left to right @bellahadid, @gigihadid, @caradelevigne, @emrata, @haileybaldwin, @victoriabeckham

In the modern age, if you want to be somebody, you have to be an ‘Insta-body’. As a massive part of the social media world, Instagram has become a gateway for amateurs and professionals to glow up and show a side of themselves to inspire, to earn dollars and to also get hired – Vetements stylist Lotta Volkova says she casts her models on Instagram.

Harper’s Bazaar Australia compiled a list of the 10 models who have gained the most follows in 2016. The list is less surprising for those who keep up with the fashion world and rising models, but it can surprise you that neither Jenner sisters have made the list for the most follows earned this year, maybe it’s because everyone has been following them since the dawn of time.


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The list shows that Gigi Hadid leads the way after gaining a whopping 16 million followers this year, following her are models Cara Delevigne with 14.3 million gains and Justin-Bieber-ex Hailey Baldwin with 5.9 million.

Check out the rest of the list below:

  1. Gigi Hadid – Gained 16 million (Total 26 million)
  2. Cara Delevingne – Gained 14.3 million (Total 35.6 million)
  3.  Hailey Baldwin – Gained 5.9 million (Total 8.4 million)
  4. Bella Hadid – Gained 5.8 million (Total 8.1 million)
  5. Emily Ratajkowski – Gained 5.7 million (Total 9.4 million)
  6. Victoria Beckham – Gained 5.2 million (Total 13.1 million)
  7. Chrissy Teigen – Gained 4.8 million (Total 9.1 million)
  8. Gisele Bundchen – Gained 3.9 million (Total 10.6 million)
  9. Taylor Hill – Gained 3.6 million (Total 5.7 million)
  10. Candice Swanepoel – 3.5 million (Total 10 million)