FIB 5 Minute Web-Doco “Agent Provocateur” Masters of Fashion Vol. 40 “Lingerie”


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With bloodlines like those Joe’s brainchild was always going to turn heads. Their first flagship store opened its doors in London’s Soho on Broadwick Street. Their initial intention was to sell various brands of provocative, colourful and fashionable lingerie. After failing to source their merchandise from other brands, they decided to create their own line and started designing and manufacturing their own eponymous collections.

In 2000 the brand released its first signature fragrance, named after the label itself “Agent Provocateur”. Since then, the range has expanded with more fragrances, as well as a selection of beauty products and cosmetics.

Since the very beginning, Agent Provocateur was noted for its controversial, shocking advertising and marketing strategies, causing exceptional, as well as overwhelming responses. Corré and Rees mainly established the brand through an almost punkesque communication strategy, using their shop window, outdoor advertising, cinema advertising, catalogs and events, which would soon be the talk of the media worldwide.

Watch Fashion Industry Broadcast’s 5 minute web-doco, showcasing one of the world’s most sexy lingerie brand’s success story!

Author: Bianca Gerlach

Video by: Mico Culala

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