Rick Owens Stars in Christeene’s Transgressive Video for “Butt Muscle”

We all know Rick Owens as a sophisticated, highly successful and though controversial designer who enflames each and every fashion week with his spectacular runway shows. Besides that, we just discovered his very special taste in music and video performances…


For his dearest friend and musician Christeene’s latest – and definitely NSFW – video for her unapologetic track “Butt Muscle,” directed by Matt Lambert, he put himself, and his wife Michèle Lamy, in front of the camera in probably the most vulgar way possible.

The song is all about – well, could you guess? – sexual intercourse in terms of everything anal, showing a naked crowd that wildly touches each other while showing almost every kind of strange sexual taste. And as the orgy goes on, a scene captures Owens, kneeling down in front of Christeene for her to urinate in his mouth – which surprisingly was, so Christeene, his own idea.

And we get it. The fashion scene reflects a wild, weird and often disputed industry. Pop-culture has gotten very explorative, due to the motto: Everything is possible. There are no more borders set, and doing things differently reflects the key to success and recognition. Hence, the video seems to be a totally acceptable masterpiece. But when is too much, just too much? In an interview for Dazed, the rapper stated:

“When we see “Butt Muscle”, where people are laughing and having a good time – fuck the scary, and fuck the fear and vulnerability and start to tap into the enjoyment of it and the exhilaration of it and the freedom of it.”

The question is just, do all of us have to enjoy this kind of sexual embracement? Maybe sexuality doesn’t mean to be ashamed but doesn’t it reveal something very personal and intimate? However, the major aim of releasing such a controversial piece was to attract attention and get – literally any kind of – reaction:

“I hope someone’s going to say,” so Owens, “Oh, they shouldn’t have done that.”

Should or shouldn’t have? – Watch the video below and see for yourself!