FIB 5 Minute Web-Doco Marcus Schenkenberg TOP MODELS VOL 66 “Male Legends”

fcc0c10d29e8e2d538c28b07f1a94b0cMarcus was discovered by photographer Barry King while rollerblading through the picturesque Venice Beach. His first big break came through the lens of legendary photographer Bruce Weber, who dropped Schenkenberg onto everybody’s radar with an 116-page ad campaign for Calvin Klein in Vanity Fair.

Since making his splash into the industry, Schenkenberg has gone on to work with some of the biggest names in fashion from iconic designers to top models.

He is credited for launching his own line of jewelry and a fitness DVD, apart from the Marcus Schenkenberg fragrance line. Schenkenberg also has numerous music, publishing, film and TV credits to add to his diverse repertoire. If ushering in the rise of male supermodels were not enough, Schenkenberg is often credited for bringing activism and a new social consciousness to the fashion industry.

Watch FIBs’5-minute web-doco, showcasing his legendary career, above!

Written by: Aikita Jarrah
Web-doco by: Sally Laous

Book coming soon: TOP MODELS Vol 66 “Male Legends”