Mac Demarco Announces New Album And Releases Two New Songs

This week, Mac Demarco announced that his new album This Old Dog will be released on May 5. The news was accompanied by the release of two new songs from the album – the title track “This Old Dog” and “My Old Man”.

“My Old Man” is a musing track accompanied by an upbeat acoustic guitar while “This Old Dog” has a heavier drum and a more tender affectation.

This is the first full-length album from Demarco since releasing Salad Days in 2014, besides the mini-album that he dropped back in 2015, entitled Another One. 

In an interview with Pitchfork, he tells his fans that,

“the majority of this album is acoustic guitar, synthesizer, some drum machine”.

Demarco assured that it would still be “pretty mellow”. He also revealed his favourite track from the album as “Dreams From Yesterday.”

When he was asked about his own old dog, Mac stated,

“actually, I’ve never had a dog in my life. I’ve had a lot of cats, and “This Old Cat” doesn’t really ring the same way.”

This Old Dog is available for pre-order on iTunes which will include 11 additional instrumental tracks of the 13 songs on the album.

This Old Dog

  1. My Old Man
  2. This Old Dog
  3. Baby You’re Out
  4. For The First Time
  5. One Another
  6. Still Beating
  7. Sister
  8. Dreams from Yesterday
  9. A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes
  10. One More Love Song
  11. One The Level
  12. Moonlight On The River
  13. Watching Him Fade Away

Besides this long-awaited new release, Demarco announced tour dates across America and Europe starting in March.

As a fan whose dedication extends to a pilgrimage to the address he left at the end of Salad Days, ready for coffee, only to be greeted by a very confused new tenant. I can say, his fans are pretty excited for a new album!