The New Trailer for “Beauty and the Beast” is Finally Here

A tale, as old as time, is finally set to return to the silver screen this year! Disney’s new version of the romantic fantasy “Beauty and the Beast” is what we’ve been waiting for…

Photo Credit Disney

The Walt Disney production has Bill Condon in the director’s seat. Condon has donned the director’s hat in the past for films like Dreamgirls and the Twilight Saga and Breaking Dawn, parts 1 and 2. The writers on the film are Evan Spiliotopoulos, credited with other work in a close genre, such as Hercules, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, and novelist Stephen Chbosky who has the novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower under his cap. With an interesting mix behind the scenes, this adaptation of the Disney’s classics has brought some big names to the screen. 

Emma Watson has locked away her wand robes and donned the iconic yellow dress as Belle for her dance with the Beast, played by Dan Stevens who’s well known for his role in British drama series Downtown Abbey.

Photo credit Disney

Even the converted cutlery and furniture in the film have some big names backing them, with Ewan McGregor voicing Lumière, Ian McKellen voicing Cogsworth and Emma Thompson voicing Mrs Potts. We’re confident that this is one incredible spectacle to dazzle all our senses.

For those who never believed they could fall in love with the villainous Gaston, perhaps the fact that Luke Evens will hold the name and wear the character beautifully in this film just might change your mind.

Photo credit Disney

We’ve been lapping up every new drop the studio releases. First, some pictures from the set were dropped before the teaser came out. Then we got surprised by the voice of Emma Watson, singing one of the most iconic songs of the film.

So after wishing and waiting, we finally have it: The full-length trailer. It depicts an almost frame by frame recreation of the trailer for the 1991 Disney film and certainly wants us to pin the release date, 17th March 2017, in our calendars.