Just In! Fashion’s New Cool Kids On the Block

The rise of the social media generation is here to stay, whether you like it or not. Every generation has it’s new “it” girls and boys when it comes to style and ones to watch in the fashion game. With spots becoming more coveted than ever, here are ours for who’s hot and who’s next.

Let’s go back to the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie days. These ladies appeared to be the ultimate socialite queens who were always up to date with the latest fashion trends. Now we see Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner honing the same trend-setter vibes, but the ones that we are really interested in, are the younger stars who are starting to come into the spotlight. Why? Because they know their Sh**! Think Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez and Kendal Jenner, these beauties always seem to be one step ahead in every aspect of the game but let’s explore who I like to keep an eye out for and to see what new, exciting spin they put on the latest trends to date. Why? Because they know how it’s done! Think Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez and Kendal Jenner – these beauties always seem to be one step ahead in every aspect of the game.

But let’s explore who we like to keep an eye out for, to see what new, exciting spin they put on the latest trends to date.

Kaia Gerber

Can we just talk about Kaia Gerber for a minute. The beauty is only 15 years old. Yet, thanks to inheriting her mum Cindy Crawford, it looks she has already started to make her own serious waves in the fast-paced fashion industry. She already counts herself amongst the elite and it’s not hard to see why. Having started modelling at the age of 10, she already modelled for Versace’s Kid’s line. The young beauty signed with IMG at the age of 13 and has been adding a strong line of work to her portfolio ever since. Just to name a few giants she already worked with: Marc Jacobs, Mui Mui and now Alexander Wang. Talk about impressive! Hanging with a group of fellow A-list style stars which include Kendal Jenner, Bella Hadid and Taylor Swift Kaia, she has no problem holding her own with a following of 1.1M on Instagram. Bringing to life a fun, fresh new feel through her social media posts, it allows for her viewers to gain a more youthful perspective on fashion and style.

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Sofia Richie

Having grown up with big sister Nicole Richie and daughter to singer Lionel Richie, there really was never any doubt that this blonde bombshell would be one to watch. The beauty screams coolness with her effortless edge. Her style is always changing, yet somehow stays the same – think big coats, over-sized jumpers, relaxed denim and always vintage inspired sunglasses to top it off. This starlet keeps it exciting with every piece. Having just launched her modelling career, she has already landed herself on the cover of Wonderland Magazine and more recently, a part in the new Tommy Hilfiger campaign, which seems to include the likes of big names such as Gigi, Bella Hadid, and Taylor Hill. Her Instagram is always filled with new wave content that boasts a strong following of 2 million and is easily one of the best pages to visit if you want to stay ontop of your fashion trend game.

My wonderland cover shoot is out now?

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Hailey Baldwin

Introducing one of our favourite style inspirations, that is Hailey Baldwin. Even before her IMG debut, her fashion ways have always managed to grab attention. She is constantly changing it up; think from the more casual sweats with heels, crops with low waisted pants to the more grunge look of a vintage tee with rose coloured glasses, or a leather mini skirt to an elegant evening gown. Hailey’s look is always changing with one thing that remains the same – confidence! It is her key accessory to making her style choices work for her.

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Lucky Blue Smith

Known for his signature blonde hair and blue eyes say hello to the modelling worlds newest ‘it’ boy, Lucky Blue Smith. Smith’s look is certainly that of a millennial. With an obvious favour for jackets, he switches it up between leather, denim, and bombers, to the more David Bowie style tailored suit jacket. The young style influencer isn’t afraid to accessorise either with his Instagram, showcasing an array of necklaces that he often sports, sometimes even layering. Guys, take note.

Source: http://coolspotters.com/models/lucky-blue-smith

Jaden and Willow Smith

Powerhouse duo Jaden and Willow Smith are a force to be reckoned with. This brother and sister team are the ultimate style masters. They don’t know any limits and aren’t afraid to explore fashion’s core. The two were even awarded ‘The New Fashion Icon Award’ in 2016 at the Fashion Awards. Talk about praise! Both possess such freedom and spontaneity with their fashion choices, which we totally admire. This is how fashion evolution is made.

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Sasha Lane

On the rise actress Sasha Lane surely has some killer style moments, which is exactly why we think that she makes the cut for this list. Sasha seems to effortlessly rock every piece of clothing she owns. Making her film debut in 2016 – and not showing any signs of slowing down – it’s not hard to see why this stunner has been appointed as a new face of Louis Vouitton. Her red carpet looks make an impact as she never plays it safe. Definitely one to keep up with when it comes to game changing style.

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Anwar Hadid

Keeping up with the Hadids, let’s discuss the youngest to sisters Gigi and Bella, Anwar Hadid. Yes, Anwar makes the cut for this article’s one to watch list. Apart from the obvious, this young Adonis is set to make a name for himself in the modelling industry and step out of his older sister’s shadow. And succeeding he is: Having already landed the cover of Vogue with big sis Gigi, besides signing to IMG Models, this Hadid comes in at a red hot 6th place. From playing with patterns, prints and colours, drawing on his converses to making his own cuts in his jeans, Anwar reeps a cool new edge. The guy knows how to keep it cool and casual, yet also knowing when to class it up a little with a sleek all black outfit, as shown when he walked the VS Pink Carpet.

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Kylie Jenner

All hail queen Kylie! You didn’t think we were leaving out a Kardashian, did you? Having style muse Kim Kardashian as her older sister and fashion designer Kanye West as her brother in law, there’s no denying that Kylie is always one step ahead of the fashion game. Although she isn’t exactly a newcomer, we still had to include her for obvious reasons.

You only have to jump onto her Instagram page and you are automatically up to date with the latest of what’s hot and what’s new with the scroll of your thumb. Whether she is slaying on the red carpet or modelling an off-duty look, the youngest Kardashian barely makes a wrong move. Hair, makeup, nails, cars to even accessorizing your kitchen pantry, Kylie comes out swinging when it boils down to style.

What we really like is how she actually makes it her own by changing up her hair colour to match, or to compliment the outfit. She oozes confidence and shows us how you really should wear something and tailor it to fit you and your personality, rather than trying to replicate the way somebody else has worn a similar piece.

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