A New Alexander McQueen Documentary is In the Making

We are excited to announce a new documentary about Givenchy’s former Chief Designer – Alexander McQueen…

Photo Credit: Soto Berlin

A new feature-length documentary in the works, set to be released in 2018, and a London play named “McQueen” will follow the life of the icon. The film will be directed by Andrew Haigh, featuring English actor Jack O’Connell who is set to play Lee Alexander McQueen and who you will probably recognize him from his roles in “The Unbroken” and “Money Monster”.

Lee Gates (George Clooney) is held hostage by Kyle Budwell (Jack O'Connell) as police Captain Marcus Powell (Giancarlo Esposito) and his fellow officers follow behind on the streets of New York in TriStar Pictures' MONEY MONSTER.
Photo Credit:  TriStar Pictures for Daily Mail, Actor Jack O’Connell in Money Monster.

Jack O’Connell has portrayed icons in the past when he played the role of “Louie Zamperini” in Angelina Jolie’s war film, Unbroken. It is said to explore the notion of:

“The working-class boy who rose from Savile Row tailor’s apprentice to become the most celebrated and controversial fashion designer in the world.”

The director is Ian Bonhote, whose latest fashion industry film, “La Lucha,” won multiple awards at La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, the Miami Fashion Film Festival and the Bruxelles International Fashion Film Festival. He has also done campaigns for brands including Gatorade, Puma, Nike and Pepsi, and music promotions for artists including Mumford & Sons, Morcheeba, Tom Jones and Jamie Cullen.

Photo Credit: Vogue Paris


“I moved to London from Paris in the Nineties much in part because of McQueen. His sense of style became synonymous with the city’s raw energy and edginess, and I know of no other contemporary designer to ignite such an immediate visceral response from an audience,” said the director.

Co-producer Nick Taussig said:

“McQueen only lived a short life — at the age of 41, McQueen tragically took his own life, and I guess I just want him back… for his freedom of expression and ability to grab you by the throat emotionally. Our film will be a cinematic explosion of his human energy — most importantly engaging our audience by getting honest, up close and personal with the real McQueen.”

The documentary is the latest McQueen project, after a play had originally premiered at the St. James Theatre in 2015, and was transferred to the grander Haymarket Theatre in London’s West End later that year, followed by both, good and bad reviews. Critics argued that it appealed more to fashion fans than general audiences.