Off-Duty or On-Duty? How The Look Has Changed

The “off-duty model” look is a term that has come to pass by models from all eras, managing to remain a look as chic off the runway as possible while keeping it effortless, comfortable, but still stylish and cool.

Throughout the years, the off-duty look has constantly been switched up. This is due to the obvious reason that fashion trends come and go with the seasons. Back in the 80s/90s, models tended to opt for whatever was in trend – and in their wardrobes. Whilst they were still in fashion and looking utterly chic, there wasn’t so much pressure on them to be seen in a certain way. For one reason, technology was far behind, compared to today. Nowadays, the world is so heavily influenced by social media that one of the biggest marketing hacks, in fact, is Instagram.

The supermodels of today, think Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, have such a strong influence through their own personal accounts that designers know whatever they put on an ‘it’ girl is likely to become a sell-out. Therefore, a model’s off-duty look becomes more of: “I need to be photographed wearing this well-put-together outfit, so I can splash it around my Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat-story..” – You get what I’m saying.

Back in the 80s/90s, unless a supermodel was attending an event, their off-duty looks were more so just that – off-duty. You could see Tara Banks wearing denim jeans and a basic white tee…

Tara Banks
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Now we see…


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I mean, let’s face it: These women would look stunning, even if they were wearing a paper bag, but come on, don’t we all look like this when we dress up for something? There’s something about these models, who so simply manage to nail the whole “I just threw this together” look, which no doubt is probably why they are highly sought after from big names stylists who add to their epic collection of designer threads.

Yes, a stylist. Overall, the model look is quick becoming a power player in today’s industry, consequently requiring round-the-clock looks. Of course, these models are super busy with their schedules and don’t always have the time to shop the latest looks. So how do they manage it? Enter in celebrity stylist…

These powerhouses are responsible for ensuring your favourite model is always looking as close to pristine perfection as possible. To name just a few, think of Kate Young, Monica Rose and Elizabeth Sulcer. These high profile ladies never fail to create the illusion that is effortless street style.

Where did this off-duty trend come from? Look at style icon and original supermodel Kate Moss herself. Moss was the queen of putting together grunge, yet glam pieces and making it somewhat casual enough to take it to the streets.

Kate Moss
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It doesn’t take much observation to note that what a model is wearing on her days off, is much more interesting compared to what she wears at work because there is something about it that invites the audience into her personal life. Having style gives them a personality behind the photos and having a personality makes them stand out from the rest of the world. This helps them to elevate their status, ultimately bringing in more popularity through their jobs.

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If there’s one piece of fashion advice that we can take from the ages, I guess it would be to take note of the timeless staple pieces that never seem to go out of style. You don’t need to be a supermodel or to have a stylist to get these looks. You just need to know what to invest in. These include, for example, a good leather jacket, which basically is one of our best friends, as leather has been around for centuries and is definitely here to stay.

Denim – it never dies! If Jeans or jackets, you name it. Mix it, rip it, double it and just go with it. Keeping it simple with minimalism is never an off move. Everybody loves a classic, clean look. This includes having your basic white tee handy, think v-neck or a button down shirt. Black boots are a must for those winter months, as well as having a cool pair of white sneakers to get you around all year.

Athleisure is still much rising in the fashion industry, especially now thanks to Alexander Wang’s collaboration with Adidas, it’s being incorporated into everyday wear more than ever. So, say hello to a pair of new kicks and goodbye to your trusty old, worn runners. Eyewear is and always has been an important staple, ensure you always have a pair of sunglasses that compliment your outfit on hand. Another must have is black clothing. This is

Eyewear is and always has been an important staple. Ensure you always have a pair of sunglasses that compliment your outfit on hand. Another must-have is everything black. This is non-negotiable when in doubt opt for that little black dress, or throw on some black leather trousers or black ripped skinny jeans and a chic black top… You can’t go wrong.

Adding on scarves are a great accessory to have in your wardrobe. It turns that plain outfit that you were having second thoughts about, into the perfect “I made no effort and still look fabulous” look. Ultimately, let’s not forget the all important handbag. This accessory can usually either make or break an outfit. Make certain that you have a few to choose from and then have fun with it, which is all fashion really is about at the end of the day: Taking a trend and making it your own.

Make certain that you have a few to choose from and then have fun with it, which is all fashion really is about at the end of the day: Taking a trend and making it your own.