Calvin Klein Reveals It’s Hottest Campaign Featuring The Men From Moonlight

Acting isn’t the only thing the ‘Moonlight crew’ are good at. What better way to celebrate their performances than through the launch of Calvin Klein’s 2017 spring collection. A Best Picture Win award well deserved!

Photo credit: Business of Fashion
Photo credit: Business of Fashion

The campaign features monochrome stills of Mahershala Ali, Trevante Rhodes and Ashton Sanders, all looking drool worthy in the iconic black boxer briefs alongside a cameo of Alex Hibbert wearing the classic Calvin Klein t-shirt. Captured by photographer, Willy Vanderperre, the series marks the cast’s first fashion campaign. Throughout the years, Calvin Klein underwear has made impacting statements on ideal masculinity. Yet, the stellar performances from the Moonlight cast has brought around a new kind of masculinity. And they pull it off with perfection!

According to Creative director, Raf Simmons, the campaign strives to “acknowledge these remarkable actors who reveal something important of being a man today”.

Photo credit: Calvin Klein
Mahershala Ali. Photo credit: Calvin Klein

Each actor undeniably portrays Calvin Klein’s image of the bold and sensual man. Mahershala Ali, the first Muslim ever to win an Academy Award, is paused midway through removing his shirt. 21 year old Sanders, relaxes on a couch in boxer briefs and Trevante Rhodes confidently displays his athlete’s body to swooning fans. The campaign features the actors style profiles on the Calvin Klein Website.

Whether it be in front of a camera lens, on screen or in real life, the cast of ‘Moonlight’ illuminate, catching both the light and recognition they deserve.

Have a picture of Rhodes for your guilty pleasure!

Trevante Rhodes
Trevante Rhodes. Photo credit: Calvin Klein