“Walk My Way” From Jack Dine Is An Euphonious Dream

Will Fraker. Photo Credit: Pigeons and Planes
Will Fraker. Photo Credit: Pigeons and Planes

Have you been looking for an artist to fill the space between James Blake and Nick Murphy (FKA Chet Faker) albums? Then we have found the artist collab you have been waiting for.

Jack Dine is a producer, writer and mixer and New York native and he has teamed up with R&B crooner Will Fraker. The pair has come together through Fête; the D.C. based start up label they are both signed to. The duo has released the track “Walk My Way” together and we couldn’t be happier.

The song takes on a mellifluous and musing tone. You are pulled into a groove as the song develops and Frakers’ harmonies intensify accompanied by Dine’s vibey beats. The slow, building track confers:

“Its never what you want, but always what you need.
Won’t you just walk my way.”

You can listen to their track “Walk My Way” below.

Fraker released his self-titled debut E.P. in September of last year. The E.P. moved seamlessly between melancholy and tender ecstasies. Fraker’s ambrosial vocals and harmonies transport you high into the clouds of his mind and will have you swaying to the beat from the mesmerizing opening song “Tracks.”

Jack Dine has been busy producing tracks for many of the other artists on the Fête label including on the fun and funky track “Riot” for Jon Waltz. We are excited to hear more from Jack Dine and Will Fraker in the future, because if their early offerings are anything to go by, they have long careers of luscious music making ahead of them.

In case you missed it, here is the stunning 6 track E.P. released by Will Fraker last year.