Nike and H&M Beat the Rest (Again)

It’s that time of the year again. Brand Finance had released their annual list of the most globally valuable apparel brands for 2017 and Nike and H&M top the list for the second year running. 

Photo Credit: Highsnobiety


The rankings by the independent branded business valuation consultancy firm did not bring a lot of surprises in the placements this year. Nike topped the list, currently valued at $32 billion USD, while H&M followed with evaluation of $19 billion USD holding their places from last year. Zara, Louis Vuitton, and Adidas fill in the next three spots to round up the top five brands of the year. Interestingly, the fastest-growing brand on the list is Marc Jacobs, whose brand value skyrocketed up 84% to $1.4 million, resulting in a jump of ten places from 47 to 57 on the list.

Brand Finance takes an intensive approach in filling out the slots, taking into consideration the brands account sales, market share, global reputation, marketing investment and employee satisfaction. The agency collects data from various sources including Bloomberg, annual reports, client-commissioned research and Brand Finance internal research to calculate the ratings.

We’ve rounded up the top ten brands on the list for you. For a peek at the complete list for this year, look here.

1. Nike — $32 billion
2. H&M — $19 billion
3. Zara — $14.4 billion
4. Louis Vuitton — $13 billion
5. Adidas — $10 billion
6. Uniqlo — $9.6 billion
7. Hermes — $8.3 billion
8. Rolex — $7 billion
9. Gucci — $6.8 billion
10. Cartier — $6.7 billion