What’s The ‘Secret’ With Fendi’s New Short Film?

Ever wondered what Queen Marie Antoinette would look like in modern day Paris? Take a sneak peak at Fendi’s interpretation of the former style icon in the campaign’s new teaser trailer, ‘Girl’s Secret’. 

Fendi Boots, SS17. Photo credit: WWD


Filmed to commemorate the launch of the Italian brand’s 2017 Spring and Summer collection, Fendi’s first short film pays tribute to the famous Austrian born Queen, Marie Antoinette. The upcoming short follows the life of modern day Marie Antoinette, played by French actress Sigrid Bouaziz and directed by Rebecca Zlotowski. The French director is mostly known for her film Planetarium which features Natalie Portman. In Fendi’s new teaser trailer, we see Marie Antoinette in a luxe style villa preparing for a night on the town with her girlfriends. We later find her exploring the most fashionable spots in Paris, all the while donned in Fendi’s must-have pieces. ‘Girl’s Secret’ couldn’t be a more appropriate title. Throughout the trailer we watch this ultra modern Marie Antoinette take selfies in a luxury limo, bowling and playing pool in heels. According to the director, Zlotowski wished to explore over indulgence, fashionability and the luxury lifestyle of 18th century France and portray the themes in a more contemporary setting.

Photo credit: WWD
Photo credit: WWD


Wardrobe and creative director, Karl Lagerfeld takes inspiration from the monarch herself. Infusing the queen’s rebellious spirit as well as popular 18th century French motifs, Fendi’s Spring collection embodies an essence of royalty, strength and extravagance with a touch of the contemporary. There is no such thing as being too excessive when it comes to Fendi. If Marie Antoinette lived in the 21st century, she would have looked just as chic in the embroidered button boots and rococo stylised skirts!

The short film will debut on the 22nd of March 2017 on Fendi’s website. Take a look at the teaser below!