The Rise of the Beret

The Beret is having a major moment right now. When it comes to headwear and accessories it’s quickly becoming this seasons hottest trend. Random? Not quite. Considering all the political unrest and threat of global terrorism in the world today fashion designers are starting to incorporate social, economic and political statements more and more into their designs. With the beret having a military origin, it’s return is anything but a coincidence. 

Source: Vogue


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Wowing audiences on the runway of Dior, modelled by the likes of Rihanna and Kate Moss and cemented as one of Gucci’s key season looks it’s safe to say this is one trend you won’t want to resist. By now you’ve seen celebrities and social media influencers all showcasing the saucer shaped hat and you’re starting to wonder how you to can pull off the trend. Here at FIB we understand the struggle and we’ve got the scoop.

Personally we think the beret looks killer when paired with a pop of colour as seen on Bella Hadid who wears one of falls hottest colour trends, red with leather boots and a black beret.
If you’re looking for a more spring feel you can look no further than Jarae Holieway’s instagram where she matches her beret to her colourful outfit or mixes it up with embellishments to add a fun feel to her outfit.


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Colour not your thing? Try adding a cool pair of specs to add a retro edge to your overall look. Another add on we’re obsessing over is pairing statement earrings with the beret and create a truly strong fashion moment.

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If at this point you’re dying to give the trend a go but you’re still a little hesitant we suggest starting off with the basics and when you become more confident, start to add onto the look. Pair a black beret with a white tee, leather jacket and light wash denim mom jeans to create a casual edgy look or if you’re wanting a more up-town expensive look then the black beret also looks amazing with a chic black slip dress.


This key look isn’t just for the ladies though with brands such as Moschino, Prada and Louis Vuitton jumping onboard with a mens look. Pair the beret with another season trend for men which is fresh, crisp whites or a classic knitted sweater for a more down to earth casual vibe.

Photo credit: Vogue


As the beret infiltrates the fashion scene once more you can be rest assured that you now have a few different ways in which you can channel the look to stylishly wear the wool topper and ensure you’re always looking effortlessly chic.