Lana Del Rey Reveals Ethereal “Lust For Life”

Image Credit: Outside Lands
Photo Credit: Outside Lands

Almost everything that Lana Del Rey does has us constantly questioning if she is real, and if she is, what planet she is from. The most recent tease from the LA based singer-songwriter-celestial being has come in the form of a short video revealing the title of her new album “Lust For Life.” 

The two minute film is entirely shot in black and white with the exception of a red strawberry in the outset. Del Rey is shown walking around her home which is oddly located in the middle of the “H” in the Hollywood sign. She speaks through a voiceover, playfully contemplating her next album as household items mystically float around her.

Del Rey has always seemed like a separate entity, isolated by her own unique musical stylings and persona. A world and genre onto her own, if you like. It’s hard to imagine her getting into minor spats or feuds with any of her pop contemporaries or engaging in publicity driven stunts. It’s also hard to imagine her commentating on politics given how other-worldly she has always seemed. Yet in her own way, Del Rey adds a political dimension to her new work, considering the lamentations of many regarding the current social and political climate. Not surprising, given how increasingly volatile the situation in her home country U.S.A is. In the video she also reflects on her creative process as well as the role of artists and their accountability with their  potential to influence popular thought.

Del Rey. Photo credit: Spin

The video concludes with Del Rey writing the title “Lust For Life” on a chalkboard that then floats into space, accompanied by the tag “coming soon.”

In a statement about the album Lana Del Rey said “I made my first four albums for me, but this one is for my fans and about where I hope we are all headed.” This artistic direction has already been shown with the release of the single “Love” from the album, that sent a strong message of hope and positivity about the world, it seemed especially for the youth of today.

Of course, we’re pretty sure Lana Del Rey is real (not that any of us have seen her in real life, just saying) but in any case while you’re waiting for her new album you can check out the video for her newest song “Love” here or you can check out this link for conspiracy theories about Lana Del Rey being part of the Illuminati.

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