FIB 5 Minute Web-Doco Guy Bourdin MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY vol 11 “Immortals”

His military past had Bourdin become obsessed with photography which he continuously studied throughout his career to become the best he could. His work continuously foreboded death and desire. It was just one of those things that become synonymous with Bourdin’s work.

His thirty-year relationship with Vogue Paris set Bourdin up for a very successful career of fashion and non-fashion photography. The photographer continually challenged what was perceived as normal commercial fashion photography and made it appealing in his own way.

He utilised narrative and images to create work to a calibre no one else had seen before. His work attracted admirers, critics and plenty of imitators. No matter how dark his work became, Bourdin was still admired for his creativity and ability to create work that continued to intrigue audiences.


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Written by: Jessica Muscat

Film by: Sally Laous