FIB Chats / Special Feature Film: Greg Nagel – Playgrounds in Paradise

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Greg Nagel is a Sydneysider, born and raised on the local beaches. His unique perspective from years in fashion photography and swimsuit editorial coverage with magazines like Cosmopolitan and Cleo has propelled a unique artistic journey to create his own iconic imagery of the world’s surfing meccas.

His latest muse? Tahiti; a surfer’s paradise of sun, sand, waves and incredible, fragile cultural traditions juxtaposed with Nature’s awe-inspiring elements. Captured in large scale, panoramic collage with classic compositions, searing black and white imagery, historic quotations and found local objects, his works speak of a pursuit of photography as a higher art form that attempts to conserve and highlight worlds hidden from sight, hidden from mind, but reflective of the Eden within.

Film Written, Directed and Produced by: Niyati Libotte

Shot by: Flur Witte & Michael Nguyen

Edited by: Michael Nguyen

Shot by: Flur Witte & Michael Nguyen

Lighting & Sound Assistants: Rachel Ranzolin & Jaime Santos

Introduction written by: Paul G. Roberts

Thanks to: Greg Nagel, Kirrilly Sams, Yellow House Sydney