Victoria Beckham’s New Target Collection Causes Shopping Frenzy

Victoria Beckham’s much anticipated 150 style range for Target, sold out within hours after customers lined up early for some of the most sought after pieces. 

Victoria Beckham. Photo credit: Target

Back in 2016, the former singer announced her exciting collaboration with Target, deciding she wished to create a combined womens and children’s wear collection. This sparked excitement for fashionistas around the world as it was the first time a high end designer had decided to collaborate with a a street retailer, like Target. Only now ‘high-low’ design and retail collaborations are starting to become more popular.

As April 9th rolled round, Victoria Beckham’s ‘For Target collection line’ was sold in multiple stores across America as well as in worldwide online stores. Victoria’s Target collection included over 150 items for ladies and children in a wide range of sizes, much to the happiness of die hard fans who grew up knowing Mrs. Beckham as ‘Posh Spice’. Each piece from the range is charmingly bold and chic, decorated in recognisable prints ranging from gingham, flowers to black and yellow bees. Without a doubt, every item from the collaboration range holds the playfulness of Victoria Beckham’s clothing line. According to Victoria, her Target range was inspired by her relationship with her daughter, Harper and their favourite activity of picking flowers in Holland Park. Sizes ranging from ‘xs’ to ‘3x’ were made available to all stores in the US. Clothing sizes for toddlers and babies were also widely accessible for shoppers.

Being the popular high retail store it is, Victoria Beckham believed Target was her best choice to work with.

“I can reach so many more women through working with Target… because of how many stores they have located all around America. I want to empower women and make women look like the best versions of themselves. That shouldn’t be the only people who can afford to spend a certain amount of money” – Victoria Beckham to Business of Fashion

Unfortunately for late comers, the majority of Victoria Beckham’s Target range has been sold out.

Models wear pieces from Victoria Beckham’s ‘For Target’ range. Photo credit: Telegraph UK

Her Target range was so popular, Beckham had to tweet an apology and thank you note to disgruntled fans after her website crashed under the amount of customers browsing online. A few selected pieces from both her womens and children’s wear exist in limited sizes and available on her e-commerce platform and on Ebay. But be wary, the Ebay pieces are going for at least double the retail price.

Better be quick shoppers, otherwise you’re going to miss out!