Versailles Promises Even More Intrigue, Betrayal and Sex

After reaching a bloody conclusion in season one, the popular Canal+ series, Versailles is back with even more political intrigue, machiavellian plots, sex and most importantly, gorgeous hair!

Louis XIV played by actor George Blagden (left) and Madame de Montespan played by Anna Brewster (right). Photo credit: radio times


To the delight of many historical junkees across Britain, the saucy period drama by Canal+ will air this Friday April 21st on BBC Two. Warning, this may contain spoilers!

Series one introduces us to the 17th century French monarch, Louis XIV. Known as the Sun King, he constructs the palace of Versailles and becomes sole ruler of France. As the series progresses, he discovers that power comes with a price and is soon swept up in a tangled web of violence and betrayal. The magnificent palace he once envisioned, transforms into a gilded cage.

As we prepare for season two to kick off on BBC2, heart-throbs George Blagden, (Louis XIV of France) and Alexander Vlahos (Philippe I, Duke of Orléans), give fans insight on what to expect in season two.

King Louis becomes more paranoid than ever

When we last saw the King of France, Louis is left distraught after the death of his beloved mistress, Henriette of England and his brother returning to Paris. Now completely alone in his monumental palace, he can trust nobody. In the opening scene of episode 1, season 2, the King sleepwalks through his gardens and into a lake. Is this a sign of him losing a grip on reality?

Phillipe marries again

Yes, Phillipe finds himself locked in yet another political marriage after the death of his first wife. If you’ve done your research, his second marriage to the Princess Palatine is said to be more loving than the first.

The Chevalier is back!

Our favourite flamboyant courtier and Phillipe’s old love interest, portrayed by Evan Williams, returns from his exile in Italy.

Montespan reigns Versailles with an iron fist

Set four years after season one, the infamous Madame de Montespan has gained in favour as the King’s mistress. Now considered the most powerful woman in all of France, she will do anything to achieve her ambitions.

You can watch the Canal+ season two trailer in the link below!