“Calvin Klein or Nothing” Proves Age Is No Limit

Calvin Klein has once again surprised audiences with its daring choice of models for the brand’s new underwear campaign ‘Calvin Klein or Nothing’


The all-American brand debuted its latest women’s underwear ad today, but there was a bit of a twist. The black and white ads, shot by Sofia Coppola, feature models of all ages; ranging from 18 to 73. There’s some familiar faces thrown into this one, with all around wonderful women like Kirsten Dunst, Rashida Jones, Nathalie Love, Laura Harrier and Chase Sui Wonders making an appearance in the grainy, very Coppola style videos. The shining star of the new campaign is modelling legend Lauren Hutton.

Lauren Hutton for Calvin Klein. Photo credit: Calvin Klein

Coppola revealed that she was inspired by Calvin Klein’s signature portraiture of people that felt completely sincere and celebratory. The ad sees the women in their favourite Calvin Klein pieces while they discuss early romantic encounters and their ideas of self-presentation in a confessional style video. They reveal all about their first kisses, first loves and first crushes. The brand posted on Instagram that the “vignettes [are] of what it is to be a modern woman”.

Kate Moss’ original stint with the iconic underwear brand in the 90s was one of the forerunners of painting the image that youth sexiness was what was needed most in American consumer culture. The images, which were extremely controversial at the time, set a basis of what is ultimately expected by brands that are similar to Calvin Klein. In the last couple of years, Calvin Klein has been back-pedalling and creating an ideal for a new norm. They showcased this by having the male cast of Moonlight model for its last underwear campaign. 

Rashida Jones for Calvin Klein. Photo credit: Calvin Klein

The brand is still holding onto the fashion industry’s idea of slim, youthful models – but mostly in its ready-to-wear campaigns and runways. Unlike a lot of celebrated big name brands, Calvin Klein is a brand that is being more inclusive with factors like age, ethnicity and culture to provide more of an insight into what America is actually like today.