Listen to Zellow, Your New Favourite Synth-Pop Dream

Wilhelmina McRae also known as Zellow, to fans, might be a fresh face on the music scene but she is here to stay.

Photo Credit: Zellow Facebook

Her newest song “Be Down” begins as a slow groove, featuring encompassing waves of sound punctuated by a slow, echoing beat. The track picks up with a persistent drumming, culminating in harmonies to get lost in.

In an interview the Melbourne local said “My favourite part was laying down the 4 part harmonies at the end. I remember thinking: ‘Damn, I think I’ve struck gold with this song, I hope people vibe it!’”

She described her writing process saying, “I literally woke up one morning and had the chords in my head. I added the kick and delayed the clap then experimented with some harmonies.”

The song was inspired by a blossoming romance, explaining “… At the time I was seeing someone and I wanted to capture the feeling of something more might just be happening, but was way too scared to admit it to anyone. So I wrote about it instead.”

Image Credit: Zellow Facebook

Her unique brand of electronic pop music is laid-back and dreamy. Zellow’s deep and soulful vocal tones propel the lighter undercurrents of her music. She sound takes the influences from her childhood of 60s soul and jazz music to infuse it with modern styles of electronic producers.

Zellow’s developing talent makes her one to look out for (we are hanging in there for a dream team Ta-ku x Zellow collab). If these are her first productions then we can’t wait to see what dreamy visions she has in stall for us in the future.

You can listen to “Be Down” below and you can check out her other offerings on her Soundcloud here.

We recommend “On You” if you’re looking for something a little bit more upbeat that you can really get down and groove to.