The Weird and The Wonderful of 2017 Street Style

Fashion is all about expressing yourself and wearing what you feel most comfortable and happy in. Today, designers are giving customers more creative choice than ever. 

Photo credit: Marie Claire

The weird and the wonderful blend together and form a new type of style we have grown accustomed to. New, old, vintage, handmade – there’s a place in the world for all of it and someone out there willing to wear it.

Whether it be Gucci and Alessandro Michele’s incredible creations or Zara with its affordable designs, 2017 is the year that we get to wear whatever we want, whenever we want. Street style this year is about looking so bad you kinda look good, so mix and match to your hearts desire!

Let’s take a look at some of the weird and wonderful that can be seen on many when you walk the streets of your nearest city.

Fur Lined Slippers

Photo credit: Who What Wear

Gucci started off the trend with its Princetown leather slipper and fashionistas worldwide have been loving them. Last year, we were all about the brands horsebit loafers but this year, mules are in! This type of shoe was quite popular a couple of years back, but after some time in the shadows, they’ve come back to dominate the fashion scene once again. These weirdly wonderful shoes will set you back $1330 at your nearest Gucci store.

Topshop’s Obsession With Plastic

Photo credit: Topshop

Topshop have made it clear that they want plastic pants to be a thing… The public aren’t so sure that Topshop’s picked up on some cool new trend. It’s just getting confusing. Though if you are into plastic, then this is your moment. From see-through knees to clear trousers, layering is being taken to a whole new level.

Embroidered Everything

Zara Embroidered Poplin Shirt. Photo credit: Hallie Daily

From shoes and bags to jeans and blouses, embroidery is in! The fun, floral designs bring life to any understated garment. The artful trend has made a comeback, just in time for the weather to settle down. This is one trend you can find in almost any store from the high end to the super affordable.

Tinted Sunglasses

Photo credit: Vogue

Remember when Quay Australia and their mirrored sunnies were all the rage? (Well, they still kinda are…) Tinted lenses are the new must-have in the world of sunglasses. The look combines the best of good-taste-meets-bad-taste and the classic 70s style that’s in right now.


Photo credit: Glitter, Inc.

Fishnets are back and it’s a trend that’s dividing the nation… Kind of. Nowadays, the term fishnets are generally accompanied with the word oversized, and edgier style icons are all over the trend from our teenage years. It’s a fast and easy way to edge up any outfit and looks especially cool paired with some ripped jeans.

What’s your favourite street style look of 2017?