Slumberjack Release Their E.P. Fracture

Slumberjack has released their pounding second E.P. Fracture and you are going to want to hear this.

Photo credit: Stoney Roads

The E.P. is a tantalising, hard-hitting composition made of bass heavy sounds and sweeping motions, seamlessly incorporating dubstep, sultry tones and light pop sounds.

The final track “Fracture” is a reminder of Slumberjack’s versatility as producers, as they take an initially sweet, acoustic song and develop it into a dance anthem. Fracture also features some angelic Australian-made female vocals from Sydney Carter, KLP and Vera Blue.

This E.P. shows Slumberjack coming into their own sound, with the feeling that they have developed a clear and whole artistic vision. They know what they want to make and they’re going to make it. While it is darker in tone than their first E.P., Fracture shows a confidence and maturity from Slumberjack.

Photo credit: C-Heads Magazine

The duo is made up of Morgan Then and Fletcher Ehlers and they are a part of a growing musical scene emerging out of Perth. They are creating a varied body of electronic music that evokes every cell in your body to get up and dance. Ehlers explained,

“I would describe our music as sitting snugly in the middle of a spectrum with one end being pretty clubby, beats-oriented sounds and the other comprising of what you’d find if you searched ‘beautiful, relaxing paint music’ on Youtube.”

Slumberjack released their self-titled first E.P. 3 years ago which brought on great popularity, especially in Australia. They gained notice through Triple J Unearthed, through which they won the chance to play at Listen Out in 2014.

Since then Slumberjack has become a festival favourite. The Fracture E.P. is being released ahead of a national tour as well as dates for Groovin The Moo and Splendour In The Grass. We can only imagine the intensity of these songs played live and you can buy tickets to their tour through their Facebook page here.

You can listen to Slumberjacks new E.P. Fractures below.