FIB 5 Minute Web-Doco Balenciaga MASTERS OF FASHION vol 37 “Paris”

Cristóbal Balenciaga defined the concept of modernity and challenged the designs on the 1930s with innovative techniques and immaculate techniques. The brand is still known for its outstanding craftsmanship and impeccable designs.

When Balenciaga’s fashion house was just in its opening years, the brand was sought after among the Spanish Royal Family and the aristocracy. Customers were willing to travel through a war torn Europe to get a peak at Balenciaga’s work.

As a luxury brand, Balenciaga has a lot of competition but the brand has still managed to stay at the top of its game with countless womens and mens ready-to-wear lines. Nowadays, the brand is most known for its motorcycle inspired handbags.

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Written by: Jessica Muscat

Film by: Monica Winefield