Kirsten Dunst Spirals Out of Control in A24’s Upcoming Drama, Woodshock

Rodarte founders Kate and Laura Mulleavy stuns movie theatres with their hypnotic directorial debut, Woodshock.

Woodshock trailer. Photo credit: Indie wire

Distributed by A24, the trailer features actress Kirsten Dunst as Theresa, a disturbed young woman in the state of uncontrollable grief. In a series of hypnotic images and camera shots, she gradually descends into cannabinoid addiction as a way to cope with her despair.

Although A24 is fairly new in the entertainment business, the company has been consistent with its track record and selection of ever-expanding filmography, showcasing successful films like Moonlight, American Honey and Ex Machina. Kirsten Dunst, for the past decade, has taken numerous roles with various filmmakers, displaying incredible talent and facades we never knew she was capable of. She didn’t win an award for Best actress in sci-fi drama film, Melancholia, for nothing.

With its unsettling ambience and gorgeous landscape panoramas, the trailer is a sumptuous feast for the eyes. Maybe we can attribute this to Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s designer background for all the slicing and dicing of scenery, dialogue, action and still shots. It gives us something a little more personal and makes the whole viewing experience painfully raw and honest.

Kirsten Dunst as ‘Theresa’ in upcoming drama film, ‘Woodshock’. Photo credit: Indiewire

Now, it’s down to the nitty and gritty. We have no doubt Dunst will be fabulous as the main character. But two questions remain. Will Kate and Laura’s creative flair be able to pull off Theresa’s tragic circumstance successfully and is Woodshock even interested in telling that narrative? What tie into fashion will it have? But, with an eye-opening trailer like Woodshock’s, it should be enough to answer questions on what to expect and justify the drama film’s existence.

Feel free to check out the film trailer below!